12th Night Coronation 

12 - 14 January, A.S. LVIII

The Barony of Knights Crossing
is delighted to invite one and all to

12th Night Coronation
12–14 January, 2024


CVJM Freizeitzentrum Münchsteinach

Neuebersbacher Str. 30

91481 Münchsteinach

Travel update: 

Unfortunately the train strike is on. It is disruptive, but not a total stand still. About 1/4 of the long distance trains are still running, the local ones are hit & miss. We are happy to offer pick-up in Nuernberg.

If you get stuck in your travels, please get in touch with Master Aethestan at +49 157 73743115‬ and we will find a solution.

Final Court of King Sven & Queen Siobhán &
Coronation of King Stigot and Queen Lofnheithir

Queen's Heavy Weapons Champions Tourney

Market for all

Drachenwald Donation Derby

Peer Garden

First Court of King Stigot and Queen Lofnheithir

Last Minute Information

Please check the Schedule page for the last minute information sent on Tuesday to all participants.

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For information about fees etc please see the Booking & Deadlines page.